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Sneak Peak...


I have been working on rebranding my logo/identity as of late. Above is a sneak peak of what my new business cards will look like. This should give you a an idea of the new art direction I am pushing towards.

As always comments are welcome.


Some people are so creative


Look how this unique artist, Erika Simmons scuplts with the tapes from a cassette tape.


Hilarious Website


Many of you have seen your all time favorite worst logos ever. This logo above says it all about the site. These guys have made a site just for this purpose and I personally think their sense of humor and content on this site is genius! It is hard to believe that they are not fabricating some of them they are so poorly done.

Be sure to look at the categories and favorites!

Go to their site and see for your self.

Some Updates!

My apologies on not updating too much lately. I did just get married to a very wonderful girl. I will graduate with my graphic design degree in just a few weeks, that has been a long time coming.

I am currently finishing my portfolio and I should have the final art sent off to the printer in the next two days.

I am still working at the same place and not currently taking on any new freelance work.

Here is a link to my Flickr set where I have posted my honey moon photography.
Click here!

I was glad that I have an iPhone on this trip, it came in very handy. You have seen the Apple commercials, there is an app for everything and many of them are free. I was constantly looking for directions, great restaurants, taxi cab, walking directions, the weather, the time, checking my banks account, etc.

For those of you viewers that use FireFox as your primary browser, you simple must install the Cool Iris plugin! It is hard to describe what it does, but you can find out more about it and see for yourself how nice looking and functional this can be on your machine. It works with mac and pcs.
Check it!

I recently designed and built a new modern simple site for a law firm in Nevada. Like all jobs, they asked me to change some things with it that I didn't quite agree with from a graphic design stand point, but it turned out pretty good all things considering.
Check it!

As soon as I have my portfolio done for this semester, I Will re-designing and re-building my website to stay consistent.

There are so many great sites out there that can help any one who is interested in design. Even though I will be done with school soon, I will always have something I can learn online. It can range from SEO tactics, learning a new CMS, all the new CSS/XHTML tricks, and Photoshop tutorials.

I am going to work on updating more frequently. My day job has just about blocked us out of every popular social networking site you can think of, so it can be tough.

I hope that everyone is doing well and I appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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If you want to find out more about me, feel free to see what I am doing at these following social networking websites.

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Minor Name Adjustment

I have decided that many people may not know how to pronounce dgatesdesign.com, especially if they do not know my name is Dave. To remedy this I have bought another domain name www.davegatesdesign.com. I have set up my DNS so that both urls point to the same site. On my new branding indentity that I am working on completing now, I will now use davegates design instead of dgates design.

That is all for now, I promise I will post several images of what I have been working on this weekend!


Ok, some updates!


First of all I am sorry for the lack of updates. Things in my life have been pretty busy, but it is a good busy. I will post some art here very soon on the design projects that I have been creating.

Here is a quick list of things going on with me as of now:

  • I recently got a nice 17" Macbook Pro and I absolutely love working on it.
  • I am enrolled now in my last semester and I will have my graphic design degree by mid May from NSCC.
  • I am going to be a married man in about a month from now. We all know all the preparations that are involved with planing a wedding. I have the invites, RSVP cards and some of you saw the save the dates I did, not too mention a full CSS/XHTML website to follow the design motif I selected.
  • I worked on a nice print design for a 2 pocket folder that will also hold two business cards. The work was contracted by Interstate Logistics out of Murfreesboro. I did several designs, as soon as it has been finalized, then I will post some of my artistic ideas for this project.
  • I also did a 3 page nice sleek website for a law firm in New Mexico. Here is a link, http://www.joneswittragsdalelaw.com
  • I am working on the final stages of a my new logo. Going to change things up quite a bit with fonts, colors, and I am developing and overall branding identity for my work. New website to follow once this has been completed.
  • I am currently learning how to use Word Press so I can adapt to requests to build and design for custom blogs for clients.
  • I am also working on learning the complex world of content management system sites, such as Joomla. This will be one the best things I can offer someone as soon as I have a firm handle on how it works completely.
  • I am attempting to learn how to work with JQuery and MooTools javascript libraries. I want to be able to offer more functionality to my sites, especially the new one I will create for me.

I think that sums it up for the most part. Thank you all for the emails and for following my blog. Now that I am no longer in between computers, I will be updating much more frequently.

Bask in its Beauty!

Looks like Apple has done it again. They have not only topped the competition yet again in my opinion, they have alos one-uped themselves with this new release of their recent laptops. I am really hoping to get my hands on one of these before my last two classes start in Mid January. From what I have seen and read it is one of the best laptops out there and it can more than handle design. I also like the fact that I can install bootcamp and then I check all my sites that I am working on in a PC enviroment and their main browsers.

Motion + Typography = :o)

Well, I have noticed that there are a lot of really good design firms working with strong typography and then adding motion to it, which really gives it more meaning and purpose. Here are 3 wonderful examples of this. I found out there are so many of these on youtube. Many of them to my all time favorite movies such as, Donnie Darko, Superbad, Napolean Dynamite, Reservoir Dogs, Snatch, Fight Club, Knocked Up, etc.

You will need to have Quicktime installed to watch video 2.

1. Ford has spent over $100,000.000.00 in advertising for their new campaign. Click this image below to see a small clip of one of their effective commercials on youtube.

2. This is a very unique way of promoting Womens in Engineering Project. Some might think that this would not a very exciting subject to advertise, but check it out, pretty neat and great color palette used. Click on the image and then select Women in Engineering Program. I can't provide a direct link because this site was built in Flash.

3. This is a bit on a the vulgar side, but the point is very well made. I love how the motion and the typeface used really takes me back to this specific scene in this cult classic movie!
PLEASE NOTE: The Pulp Fiction Video is not work safe, unless you have head phones.

Words of Wisdom

  Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one.
-Stella Adler